Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I never say a word in case I come off needy
(warning loads of pics!!!!)

Last weekend were busy busy busyyyyyy! 8DDD first at thursday was Marina and the diamonds gig at Helsinki were I went with my friend Riku.. Then at tavastia two of Riku's friends came along Anu and Tiina.. had a wonderfull night with wonderfull music!

Hollywood kill

Marina's support band was this freaky weird duo called Hollywood kill but they were so good! <3 It's good that artists have those support bands coz from that way u always find new bands..:D


My gig outfit and almost the same outfit at friday morning but with Marina t-shirt..^^

At friday I left quite early from Hyvinkää back to Tampere and home coz at evening I was going to celebrate my friends b-day to Tampere..^^ went this "new"  bar/night club what ever thingy called Rodeo.. The place were like straight from some 80' american movie..:D just loved it! 

fridays party outfit..

There went the friday then and at saturday I left again to Tampere to spend our ex class party, first to one of my class mates place and there we left to nightclub..8DD Had so much fun seeing all my old class mates for a long time! <3

saturdays party outfit..

Sunday I spent just being lazy coz damn I were tired..XDDDD especially at monday when I had to woke up at 4.45 to left for work..>3<

at work.. yuw dirty mirror..:P

This weeks saturday it's our 5th gal meet up in Helsinki so again I'm going there been there now like every week since first weekend of november..XD and I have no idea what to wear..:P

and here's my winter jacket which I haven't shown any proper pics yet..^~^

oh oh and tomorrow after work IKEA shopping..8DD
But next time byes! <3


  1. oh wow such amazing coordinates!! i love the friday outfit party best, those tights are full of love and you look absolutely gorgeous! haha, I wish I were as busy as you, but I spent the weekend slacking off :<

  2. your outfits are all great *o*
    I hope you had a lot of fun at the gigs <3

  3. That first outfit with the marina shirt is super cute and also that friday's outfit! You are sooo adorable,just want to pinch your cheeks ><

  4. Saving Capulet: Thank you veeery much! <33 I love those tights too, they r warm too even there is those little holes.. so they suite here in the cold Finlands winter..^~^ And last weekend I hope that I would have had more time to just be coz I got so tired..:P but it was nice tho to have so much to do..:D

    Rui: Thankies Rui! <3 Yeah I had fun..^^ with my friends too..:D

    dokiri: hahaha pinching my cheeks! ^~^ got an image to my head u doing it..XD and thank u! <33