Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh tonight..

Last time I wrote about the HURTS gig I was going with my friend Kati.. well it's been almost two weeks now and I'm writing about it now so sowwy for that! Late as always..hehe ^^'

my look for the day

We were at Helsinki already at aroun 4pm and the doors were opened at 8pm we wanted to be early so we could get the best places on the front row..:D ofcourse haha..:) tho we went waiting there around 6 thirty.. and gosh it were freeeeeeezing! >w< We were so freezed there outside that it felt we had been there the whole evening outside even it were only 2 hours..:P

They had this finnish band called TV OFF as a support, and gosh they r awesome! :D I recommend to listen if ur into this electric/synthpop/computer music thingy as my self..^~^

The gig were pure awesomness from the start to the every second of the so so sort feeling hour as it were <3 Never felt so much emotion on a gig! eye's gleaming of tears and ah those shivers all the sounds gave me..hurrr durr <333 fun girling? me? naaaah..;DDD

Waiting the third time I see them sooo much! At here in Finland or on our trip to Britain next summer/autumn..:DDD

But until next time byes!


  1. Oiiii ~ Ihana asu!! Ja hiukset ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ihanaa että oli mukavaa ja mahtavaa keikalla!! ^---^

  2. ah, sun tukkas on näissä kuvissa ihan täydellinen! *o*

  3. I've never heard of them before so Imma go give them a listen to, and you look so adorable! i love your style, I really do!

  4. Mistä mekko? Se on ihana:)

  5. Coco: Kiitos kiitos! <3 ^^

    Chinsa: Kiitos! <3 Tuli kyllä omastaki mielestä iha onnistunu se kun on aika harvinaista tän mun kiharruksen kanssa haha XD :)

    Saving Capulet: Thank u veery much! as always <3 and yeah u should TV OFF is awesome..:D

    Anonymous: Kiitos <3 ja semmoselta sivulta tilattu kun http://www.wholesale-dress.net ^^

  6. I have got to say that your outfit lookz amazing!
    Your hair and shoes totally caught my attention for some reason! I just love the way you do your curls they look too perfect!

  7. Emy: thankies! <3 nice to hear that it looks good! ^~^ and with curls I kinda always do them differently haha.. and mostly it just accidentally comes out as it is..:DD but good good that my accidents r good ones..haha 8DD