Sunday, 20 February 2011

 Full time worker O'Hoy!

 Got my first week as a fulltime worker and pheeeew I'm T-I-R-E-D! *____*
Hopefully I'll get used to wake up's at 5am soon, coz it was awfull after being a month just home.. The place I work is still the same as earlyer but now I'm full time there coz the one who there were, started her maternity leave..:) So welcome money! haha :DD

On wednesday I met Noona and other gal's from Tampere after work.. Been awhile since we saw eachother with Noona coz the last time we were supposed to meet she got sick..:(

Wednesday's outfit..

Bought these before meeting the others..

been looking for this kind of belt on yesstyle but now found it in GD..:D

I was supposed to go have night over at my friends place on friday but I were so tired after the work week and plus that my right shoulder had been sore the whole week for some reason that it were just killing me..>3< so I thought it would be best to cancel the night over..:( but maybe next weekend then..:)

Here's some outfit's or maybe better just hair and make up from thursday and friday..
(sorry for the dirty mirror..:P)

originally the braids were just at the sides..

Oh and I bought new shoes from the Spirit Store last week..


These cost only 14,50€ :O normal price were 59€ :DD and love love love these! 
U can see them on the last posts clubbing outfit too..^^

My nails atm.

Till next time Byes! <3

p.s. remember to check the previous post from today, thankies! ^3^


  1. Congrats on the full time job ♥ time to make money to do more shopping huh?!

    Love your outfits too and your hair and makeup looks amazing as well ^____^

    you're nails look amazing!

  2. Emy: Thankies thankies! <333 For the trip to Britain and yeah little bit of shoppinh too, but mostly at the long view to get some savings for own home..:)

  3. lovely hair :)

    I like the shoes and your nails are awesome.

  4. TAAS sun tukkas on niin ihana!! :D noi kynnet on kans hirmu nätit~

    olin ihan amazed kun näin ton vyön gt:ssä, oon ettiny tollasta niin pitkään enkä uskonu sieltä sellasta löytäväni. :D pitää käydä äkkiä ostaa se et varmasti saan sen~ 8D

  5. wow! i love the sweet braid you did on your hair <3, don't get too over worked!!

  6. Hei, tiekkö ostin (okei, frendi osti mulle...) torstaina just samanlaisen vyön zarasta ! :'D

  7. Tink: Thank you! <3

    Chinsa: Kitto! ^^ Joo mulla tuli kans sillai ku menin ovesta sisää ni silmät pongas heti ton et oooo! mut kyl huomaa et tulee aina nää muoti jutut vähä myöhäs tänne, tai ainaki just ku lukee noit gyaru lehtii ja sit siäl on jotai ni ne on tääl vasta puole tai vuode jälestä yleensä..:D joitai poikkeuksia on kyl ollu..:DD

    Saving Capulet: Thank you! ^3^ I won't, this job itself isn't rough but wakeing up so early..:P :)

    Indi: Ai niitä on sieläki! :D veikkaan et toi ginan oli kyl halvempi ku zaras..:DDD

  8. hihii! mäkin ostin spiritistä noi samaiset kengät mutta mustana! :D

  9. Mipa: Uuu nice nyt voidaan sit samistella..haha :DDD

  10. wow *_____*
    you look so fantastic ...
    Iam so jealouse XD

    pretty stuff you bought (I ADORE THIS BELT !!!)
    and yout naiks look soooooo pretty <3
    Do you do them on yourown ???

    Lots of love,

  11. Mini Mimi: Oh thank you! <3 and don't be! ^^' Yeah I do them by my self..:D

  12. ihana tuo sun(?) ruskea hame ja tyksin noista kynsistäkin :oo

  13. Lili: hame on itse asias shortsit..^^ ja kiitos! ^~^