Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fallin' for Britain

Last week's tuesday I went out with my little sis' to eat pizza and do some shoppings..:D I had this sale coupon to H&M so needed to use it then.. I were looking for somekinda shirt underneath for the long vest/skirt thingy so found this..

(from the back)

Then I bought these two from GD

when I saw these the first time I thought I had to have these.. with the cardigan I had a little color broblem coz I would like to have it in all colors! 8DD but then the baby blue was the most favourite afterall..^~^

my outfit for the day..

On thursday there was this Finnkino (finnish movietheater company) superday when u get the tickets lower price than normally so I asked Kati to go with me as her birthday celebrating which were the previous sunday.. The movie were this brittish Brighton Rock based on a book by Graham Greene..:) Gosh the movie were so goooood! <3 loved it! even tho it were very sad..:((  What cought my eye on it was that the mainrole were played by Sam Riley who I fell in love in the movie Control..^^ <3

Thursdays outfit..

Now I'm just so excited with our britain trip with Kati can't wait to go and walk the same places in Brighton..:D Oh oh and we have already decided the dates for the trip..8DD gonno be two weeks just pure love! hahaha :D

On friday I went for clubbing with my friends and looked like this..:)

All for now byes!


  1. Pidä kuule ihmeessä useemmin otsatukkaa tolleen ylhäällä taikka jotenkin sivussa, koska sopii sulle hyvin :) teki heti jotenkin vanhemmankin näköseks :)

  2. Aii kiitos!^^ Kiva kuulla et sopii.. pitäsinki varmaa useemmi mut siin on vaan aina semmone et kuhan otsani sen sallii..XDDDD