Sunday, 10 April 2011

Partying, sales shopping & brittish fudge

Last week on thursday (starting to be the ficial shopping day XD) there were this sales happening in Tampere's shopping mall.. made few quite good purchases..8D


I also bought shorts and long black top, those shorts I didn't get a good pic back then coz they r black but you'll see them later! ^^

At Tampere in every months first friday there's market at the center.. We saw this truck there on thursday with the brittish flag all over it and it said British fudge..  And when I saw those two words together I thought I just had to get those! 8DD So my sister bought me few on friday..

Mint chocolate and strawberry cheesecake! <3

Those were the best fudges I've ever eaten! :D Need to find some good fudge shop while we r in UK next summer! ^^

Then got my second yesstyle package and here's the shirt:

On saturday I had my friends b-day party and the theme were black and white.. First I went to my other friends place to get ready and drop my stuff's coz I stayed the night there..

Had so much fun and it were so nice to see old classmates since last time I saw them were last years autumn! ^^

We started at this bar nightclub Groove cellar which my friend and her friend had booked for us from 8pm to 10pm for the guests only after 10pm it opened to everybody..

After that we changed the place to Tivoli this other nightclub in Tampere where we were the rest of the night..:D

Danced, laughed and had fun!!! <3

My party outfit:

Here's some other random pics from past days:


Next time byes! ^^


  1. Wow that leopard print top is so cute! Love it and I just wanted to say your hair is amazing:)

  2. Oi vitsi sulla on ihanat hiukset..♥