Monday, 18 April 2011

White Lies and werewolfs.. 

On last thursday I went to see the new Katherine Hardwicks movie Red ridinf hood.. and god that it sucked! :P katherine y u no stop directing! >3< The only good thing in it was that it were visually pretty movie and oh those men Gary and Shiloh ME GUSTA! <3 ;D

U could have made like suppah good movie with the story like that and all but no can do..:P

Did some shoppings (again on thursday XDD) before my sister got from school, 
me shopping too much?  naaaaaah! 8DD but to be true I should stop now atleast until I find a new job..:) buuut pics later..^^

Here's my outfit from thursday:

At friday I went to see White Lies's gig at Tampere with Kati.. <3
And gosh they were soooo goood! *____*

Gotta love them boys! <3

Here's my look for the gig:

Tried this new thing with nail's at least new to me..:D
(already little bit worn out)

And my fan girl purchase:

Hurts's single sunday (vinyl,cd and pic with their autographs) <3

Until next time byes! <3


  1. Upeita asuja! Sullon tosi kivoja vaatteita ^^
    Ja noi sun kynnet on hienon näköiset :)


  2. sun hiukset noissa vikoissa kuvissa... *o* ihanat!

    vähänkö siistit kynnet!! miten tollaset tehään? 8D

  3. Kiitos! <3 youtubesta löytyy tutoja semmosella kun newspaper nails..:DDD en ite pysty tutoo tekee niin kannattaa tsekata sieltä! ^3^

  4. Upeet kynneet~! *O* Ja hei tosi söpö asu~<3 Miten saat otsahiukset pysymään tuolla tavalla? (:

  5. Kiitos! <3 Käännän kihartimella alaspäin! ^3^