Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter and not so lonely sunday for me

So Easter came and went..  I think this was the best easter I've had..:) 

My friday went in a party at my friends place! had so much fun, well as always with mah friends..^3^

At saturday morning when we woke up it were sooo sunny and warm outside that we just sat there in t-shirts and bathed in the sun and solved our heads hahahaha..:D perfect morning with sun and friends and music and just being there! <3 

I walked back home then and it felt like summer..:) at home my grandparents were coming to stay few nights.. so saturday went by cleaning our house..

Friday's outfit..
sorry the mess

On sunday afternoon we head out to go to Helsinki with Kati to see Idols gives back concert live, only way to get there was win the tickets and I won two by competition on Hurts site..8DDD 

And well the only reason why I even wanted to be there was that Hurts were performing there..:D I were sooo exited and couldn't believe that I had won coz I never won anything like that..:DDDD

(if u r wondering the signature it's my tumblr site ^^)

The concert started at 19.15, there were several finnish artists and bands playing too.. When it were time for Hurts to perform we saw Theo walking there alone with four dancers and we were all question marks that where is Adam! :O He weren't there at all for some reason..:''''((
I just wonder what had happened, that he weren't there..://

Theo sang only one song tho but atleast I saw it live! <3 

Had a wonderfull sunday evening with Kati!

Sunday's outfit (pic I took after I got home so it's quite dark and crappy)

Next time byes! <3


  1. Oon niin kade sun tukasta ~~~~♡♡ se on ihan täydellisen värinen ♡♡♡
    SUPERCUTE ~~~ ^---^ ♡♡

  2. Aaaa kiitos! ^3^oli siinä kyl vähä tekemistäki ku yritin sen tämmöseks saada kun halusin strawberry blondia jo pitemmä aikaa ja ei vaa onnistunu mut sit sen kerran ku värjäsin ja tuli just oikee! <3 nyt en vaa uskalla värjätä juurikasvua pois vaik on mulla väriki tual jo ettei vaa vaiha väriä XD