Monday, 5 September 2011

Britain pics part 2  

Here's photo's from my phone from our two week Britain's trip 
(not in the right order tho)

Gorillazzzz in Bristol

Tourist me in front of Buckingham palace

In London Eye

and their carrots :D

Our hostels stairs at London <3

Coming from National History Museum

Holmes's home

At Brighton

First night in Manchester.. ;D

Claiming our area

Us messy? naaaah! :D

Going out

Liverpool one night 'apartment'

Made chicken salad!

On a bridge across the Severn..

The back bag of doom!

Went to see Harry Potter at Manchester

And some outfits:

I was supposed to say that was all but that isn't I have pics from our trip like thousend! 8) but don't be afraid I'm not loading up them all! ;D so that's the end of pic spam here in my blog!

Next time byes! <3

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