Thursday, 15 September 2011

So long teenage years

So had my 20th birthday at 1.9. Wanted to post things in order so this comes quite late..:) 

I celebrated my birthday with Kati (actually day before the real day) by going to eat to this mexican styled restaurant and from there to the club.

It were wednesday night, so there were only like 15 people on the move plus us, so we got the whole dancefloor to ourselfs..:D

 empty club is empty..

Had so much fun! <3

Then we had like the second party on friday when there was raves on one club.

Danced the whole evening and got back feet hurting and tired! 

I love raves when you can just let go and dance like never before. That music is just so freeing! :D

 Until next time byes! <3