Monday, 12 September 2011

From Manchester with love

So we got back to Manchester two weeks ago 25.8.-29.8. to be certain, for extended weekend with my girl Kati. Had one of the best weekends with good company in the city of my dreams!

Had our own personal guide to show some more places than what we saw while we spent the three days there in our first trip:

-drived around the Manchester country side and outer city

-went to Trafford centre, which is in Finlands scale 
HUGE and I mean H-U-G-E shopping centre!

-checked some other awesome indie clubs! <3

-and hanged around the city

Hostel life..
 As there was Manchester bride at the weekend we had a lovely company of gay men in our room! :D Would have wanted to go and see the happening but somehow we were always somewhere else when there was happening..:(

Sunday was the last day at Manchester even tho our flight left at monday morning, but we had to catch a train already at five from Manchester to Birmingham and from there to London Standsted. We spent the night at the airport. 

Which I can tell you were the worst night I've ever had: freezing, tummy aching, tired. Until at 5am, I got a phone call from one lovely creature and as a suprise we got some company to make our morning! <3

In Manchester I left my umbrella and something else..
That something else luckily just had an visit in this part of the world..;)

Next time some birthday partying! woop woop ;)
Byes! <3

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