Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Three nights to christmas!

Hey there! So how's ur xmas preparations going on!? :D 

I my self haven't felt like it's even coming for some reason, tho I've made the gifts and been singing xmas songs with kids at work and kindergarden is all decorated but still..:P

And I wanna get that exciting feeling you always have and the tingling in your tummy! Hoping it will come at least on friday when it finally is one night away! Then I'm sure it starts when putting the decorations on at home and bringing the xmas tree and all.

Party look from weeks ago..

So finally my new extensions arrived so be prepared for different looking me when I next time post! ;) A hint: mentioned already something few posts earlyer and the second hint is BURGUNDY! 8)

But for now pics of the xmas presents to me from myself. Latest internet orders..

Poncho style cardigan
Knit with embed high collar shirt
 3/4 sleeves and flower lace

And the jewelry..

 This red one came free, 
don't know why maybe they made a mistake or something,
but I don't mind. I like it! :D
Last saturday we made an sudden shop trip to the town with my dad coz I needed something for the gifts I'm giving so found these from sale:

Rings, elephant and blue stone.
Dark blue leggings and thin white tights with hearts.

Aaaand these two tops.

Next time byes! Probably at christmas! :D x


  1. oh nice haul :) from where did you bought them?
    <3 merry christmas

  2. Thankies! <3 The site is wholesale-dress.net. It's an chinese web store and the quality of the clothes isn't the best but they are reeeeeally cheap, so I usually fix them a bit when I order stuff from there..:)