Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday it were the Christmas eve, which is the day we here in Finland have the main celebration day. Tho as in my family we celebrate it traditionally so Christmas continues still today and tomorrow. 

On Christmas eve we open the presents and decorate the tree.

Here's my presents:

-BBC, Sherlock 1st season
-Granada, Sherlock Holmes Returns 
-Heart Magnet -secret of attraction, book
- new planket (which obviously isn't in the pic
-manicure set & eyeshadow palet
-OBH Nordica volumaster 
-bracelet (not in the pic eather)
-lace scarf

And the promised picture of my new hair!

This is how I looked yesterday:

Everyone have a wonderful xmas and enjoy yourselfs! <3
 Next time byes!


  1. Niiice presents ^^ Hope you had an amazing christmas <3

  2. omg you're a Sherlock fangirl too?! hello! I've stalked your blog for a while but I had no idea.

    & your hair looks so pretty! :3

  3. Merry xmas quite late now but forgot to answer when the time was! <3

    narsessa: Oh yes since I can remember! :D So nice there's readers with the same interests other than fashion and all this that my blog mostly is about! :D And thank you! <3 ^^