Sunday, 15 January 2012

A day for a great man to fall and a good man to cry..

Hello hello! 
This is going to be a really random post about  one of my all time favourite fictional characters and some photos I took this morning!

So as those who follows the genius may quess from title today's the day for the last episode of season two of BBC Sherlock! ;__;

And those who know what Reichenbach Falls means know what it means in Sherlock's world!
I'm not telling if there is someone who watches the show but don't know the story before hand so tonight BBC1 at 9pm UK time ofcourse..:)

Here's bag I made few weeks ago:

And here's some crispy cool (crappy) photos taken with my phone this morning:
Looked so pretty with all the snow and the sun rising peachy!

And talking about photos I ordered new camera yesterday that is easy 'grab and go' type but better than normal pocket cameras, OLYMPUS SZ-10.. :D Great for gigs better quality photos but still you can take it with you because it's not professional camera as my canon..:)

That's all folks for now! Hopefully getting something to photograph soon meaning outfits etc. because I'm pretty sure if it continues with posts like this it's quite not what this blog were planned to be on the first place! :)

Till next time if I survive tonights episode of SH byes! x

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