Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It's been awhile again just been lazy with this blog even tho I tryed few weeks ago to write more often again but  as you may notice it didn't happen! :P 

But now I'm writing to tell you that starting from march I'll be living near London for one year forward! 8) Getting pretty excited and nervous coz it's only few weeks still left! :D I'm starting in five members family as an au pair.

Been stressing out about what to back and how? Year is a long time to back for but it's a year and there is space and time for lot of shopping! :D So what to take and what to leave!? -____-'

Sadly these two I can't take with me! <3

I've tryed to take and collect pics of outfits from past weeks when ever I've been out and about!

So here's few outfits:

Looked like this when I went to meet Salla to Tampere, had a great afternoon drinking white chocolate cocoa and talking!

And happy Valentine's little late, hopefully everyone had a good day with or without someone! I spent my day making these and  all kinda household things and got called a 'desperate housewife' by my sister! :D

My latest nail's

Aaaand got this few days ago! No need to borrow anymore Holmes from library I HAZ 'EM ALL! :D
(weights over kilo!)

Had to make this post before tomorrow so next time I can write about the coming three days! Tomorrow I hop on a bus to Helsinki and there I continue to Tallin to have a awesome few days with my baltic girls Reeli and Jana! <3 Going to include Depeche Mode bar and moustaches, probably hysterical laughing and fun times! ;D CAN'T WAIT!


  1. Wow! Your hair is so cute! ! ! : D I love your nails too!

  2. Ihanat noi kynnet. Liukuvärjäys on niin nami :)

  3. Nana: Thank you! :D

    Sanna: Kiitos! Niin on ja saa helposti vähän 'hienommat' kun tekee noin! :D