Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Whiskers soaked in gin!

So about the two nights in Tallinn! Haven't had so much fun in long time! 

I left from home around 3pm and went with three different busses to eventually get to the harbour. Ferry were supposed to leave at nine but we were still at the harbour at nine thirty..:P So Reeli and Jana had to wait me the over 30 mins.. That ferry trip were the most boring 2 hours I've ever had! 

But as soon as I saw Reeli and Jana at the terminal in Tallinn an instant mood lift! <3

We called a cabby to our hostel in old town and left our luggage and had something to eat. Quite soon we head down to Depeche Mode bar. 

When we got there we were the only ones, thursday night so.. As we were the only ones 'our' bartender Alex put on the Hurts album and we all four danced and sang the songs until 5 bar were supposed to close at 4 tho.. :D So wonderfull night with the girls + Alex  and DM bar only for us! 

Picture that Alex took of us on thursday..

We got bed at 6 and coz of that we had to forget me and Reeli's plans to go see the War Horse.. When we got ourselfs out of bed we went out to have breakfast in this really nice restaurant/cafe thing. After that went grocery store to get something for the evening to go with our Moustache party! 

Which looked like this:

We got the party started at the hostel but then continued to DM bar once again with our moustaches got few weird looks and few came to ask about what was going on with us! :D But boy we were handsome and our party EXQUISITE! :* 

There would have been another party at Tartu on saturday Diana's birthday but sadly I had to come back already at saturday morning to go to another birthday party.

But oh wow what amazing two nights in Tallinn!
Thank you mah bitches! ;{D