Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Movies with sis.

On monday me and my sister went to the movies to watch War Horse (as we didn't went to watch it in Estonia) We went to the earliest time they were showing it and so we had to leave really early to be in time there -> loving how the buses goes from here NOT! 

So yeah after 3 and half an hour sleep for one it's quite hard to get up.. Watched the Oscars red carpet to see few handsome brits but only saw two of them sadly..:P 

Looked like this:

At evening we noticed there were northern lights and lots of shooting stars.. Spent awhile outside trying to take a photo of 'em but didn't get any good ones..:P 

My cup of cappuccino with Joey looking horse after freezing outside. :)

And then few pics from last week..

Next time I post will probably be from UK! 8) Day and half to go! EEKS!

Till next time byes! x


  1. vitsi noi sun asukokonaisuudet on aina niin ihania! :))

    Mulla on blogissani koruarvonta menossa että käyppä tsekkaamassa jos kiinnostaa! :)

  2. Voi kiitos! :D Täytyy käydä kattomassa! :)

  3. Wow! You look super cute! : D : D Nice outfit!