Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New things!

And here comes the pictures of the ones I talked on last post! 

There's some things that I got already earlier but as I'm sure I didn't post any pics yet so not all from last weekend! :D

Dress for to coming The Heartbreaks gig (decided to wear it there) :D

 Super cute shorts which looks more like a skirt from the front..

 And one pair of those shoes 
(of the other ones I don't have picture but they are just basic walking shoes)

And then here's the ones that I didn't post pictures when I bought them so..

Heels as I didn't take any with me from home quite simple 
but pretty and they go with everything and anytime so that's good!

Excuse the quality.. lace shirt..

Sleeveless shirt with collar and lace on top..

And then for those who got curious about the inside of The Heartbreaks goody bag..

Last but not least from one of my fave shops/brands Cath Kidston's diary for this year and I got it for only 50p from the local secondhand shop, totally un used! 8) <3

That reminded me of the bag I got as a gift from there that I haven't even posted a picture of it but no can do now it's in Finland and I'm here..:P

Okey but that's all for now!

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  1. Everything is so cute!!! I epically love the amazing shoes!