Sunday, 3 June 2012


Decided to put this in two parts because all the text and pictures would just been one super massive post!

The extempore trip wasn't even sure until the morning of friday when we bought our tickets to the gig and bus. Reeli had left back already around 9 and after she left I got myself ready and head down to westminster where Jana were staying. We left from there little after that and  went to get the bus tickets and grapped some food to have a picnic in St. James's park.. The day turned out really pretty it were so warm to sit there and watch the pigeons and squirrels..:D

Our bus left at 4pm and so after our picnic we went back to victoria bus station. The bus trip were quite tiresome three hours. But as soon as we step of the bus the heartbeating started and we were oh so nervous again because we knew that the boys knew we were coming! 

Again we had drinks before the show and we didn't meet them before the gig and so after again we went there and said hello's and hugs and kisses. They left to the next stop quite right after but we had a chat again with all of them and before they left they all came to say byes to us and see you laters.. Felt like floating after that evening. Got us named as top lasses as we called the boys top lads.

The gig were much much better in Birmingham than in London the feeling were nicer and they played better and the sound weas better and ah heaven! <3 We had a 'nice' three hours of waiting the bus back to London after the gig and so we were singing the funtimes over and over again at Birmingham coach station quite pissed as we were! xD (Excuse us all the people who had to listen) 

But oh so fun we had! The bus trip back home I don't even go there! xD And the saturday we felt quite dead had a long walk from west side to east side and went to Brick lane and had a picnic again infront of Tate Modern. We called the day funny picture day as we were taking funny pictures obviously! :)

I got back to my village around 10pm and were so tired that I just got upstairs and pretty much went straight away to bed. :D

So there you go our FUNTIMES 4 days! Until next time byes!


  1. Nice to see that you had so much fun!
    concert trips are always so exciting... wanna make one, too now. lol

    1. Haha thank you! Yeah always the highlights of the year! Being with same kind of people and having fun! :)