Monday, 25 June 2012

Keen on KEANE

Heyh! So two weeks ago on thursday I head out to London to see my dear fellow top lass Reeli who came with her mom to spend some holiday time in London. She had come already on the previous day so I met her at the hostel. After getting my arse there the plan were to go and see acoustic session of The Heartbreaks for this one magazine we won tickets to.. So happily we hopped on to the tube but in the end we end up not finding the magazine's office, finally when we did get there we were un fashionably late and so we missed the whole thing..:(

That day's putfit.

Sadly we watched in the pouring rain how the people who were there got out and decided to leave ourselfs too to get something to eat and do some shopping! Good thing was that we were still about to see them later that night as they had small gig in Kingston. 

When the shopping were done we went back to the hostel to freshen up for the evening. Gig were about to start quite late and so we got to Kingston little after 9pm.

We got few drinks and watched the two other bands play while Thomas joined us and quite soon after they called out for The Heartbreaks to be starting upstairs in few minutes. I didn't sadly take any pictures for some reason of the gig but oh well.. This one I stole from Reeli! ;)

The sound wasn't the best one but who cares when the music they play is perfect! :) Nice little gig once again and after it had a chat with the boys. Matthew came to say bye bye just before they left and so we started to go too to catch our bus back to central London.

On friday, the weather continued quite bad and so we decided to go to Westfield shopping center. As me and Reeli super tired after the previous night grapped our selfs some energy drinks and to be honest it made us feel even worse! Felt like drugged! xD Our tour end quite soon because of that. 

We got back to the hostel and I started to get ready for the days big thing! 8) Seeing Keane for the first time of my 6 years of listening could pretty much be described with this: asdljdfnkdfgnsklfjngldf! <3 Just no words! Plus Zulu Winter were supporting them which is one of the bands I like so that were a really good little extra for the evening! Went there all alone which first freaked me out a bit but after I got there it were all fine! :D 

Saturday we walked from Marble arch to St. Pauls Cathedral (west to east) and on the way stopped at Soho, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar square and Westminster.

All that together = legs were quite jelly! We got bus from there to London bridge where our hostel were and me and Reeli went out again to see Bermondsey street and after our walk ended up on the bar at the hostel. 

Sunday morning we all head out to our own ways me back 'home' and they to Estonia.
Lovely end of the week once again! :*

I've been now home in Finland for a week and and few days and four days left flying back on the coming friday and somehow I feel like I could stay here and not go back. Home's always a home! <3

I'll post about my midsummer when I get back to UK so next time byes!

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