Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New stuff!

So we managed to get ourself's (me and my sis. and this happened at monday)to Tampere city to do some sale shopping..:D

Bought these two oversiced knit and t shirt/dress from ginatricot and god damn that place was like hell! XDDDD u didn't have space anywhere and u needed to fight ur way to those sale racks..XDDDD it was the shopping hell! XDDD

berret, two scrunchies and rings (rings r from flea market)..:D

heart shaped bag.. i've been wanting that coz i didn't have any small black bag and now it was on sale so had to buy it..^^

And these r from flea market too..^^ leopard printed knit and knit skirt..^^ the skirt is originally from pimkie! 8D just love that shop (went there when we were at my cousins place in germany)..^^

and that days look


  1. Hahaa mäki ostin aika yli 100e tavaraa aleista:D ja alle puolet niistä oli alennuksessa. Pimkie on just hyvä, kävin siel kans sillon ku olin saksassa 8D ja ainiin vastaan nyt tänne mut tosiaan joo meen japaniiin huhtikuussa jee

  2. oi vähä helmi otat mut sit mukaa matkalaukkuu..:D paljo makso lennot? ^^ mul ei onneks menny ku joku 40 noihi tos on kyl lisättynä bussi ja ruoka..:DDDD