Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sorry for not posting anything for a while.. I had maaany days that I planned to do new entry but just never "got an hold" of myself and get my self here to write something..:P tho I have tons of pics waiting for use so Im trying to think the best way to post all i want..:) Since it's been so long Im not even sure which has happened in which day so there could be coming veeery fuzzy scrappy and unclear text haha ha..:D

Firstly I think it was last week's thursday when me and Kati went to watch Lovely bones.. Looked like this:

It was these Finnkinos "super days" when u get all movie tickets -50% so it was good that we managed to go then, saving money always a good thing haha :D tho before Kati got her self to Tampere I went to flea market and bought these (so that for the saving money thing haha):

 Pink trousers 7e

Fake fur scarf 2e

Then i bought yellow heart ring which i don't have a pic yet.

For the movie it was soooo lovely! as the name says haha..:D But it was sooo sad too ;__; There is this girl Susie Salmon who get's murdered at age of 14 and after she dies he get's stuck in between heaven and earth. Then she tryes to help her family from there to get that murderer caught.. The movie is based on Alice Sebold's book.

I think I have to read that book too coz the movie was so good, awful, but still so beautiful story with happy ending..

I've been watching lot's of pics with those veery cute loose curls/waves on models, especially at Kumicky u can see those often or at least her pics I've been watching haha..:D So I tryed if I managed to do them and figured out that the best and easyest way is make braids to little wet hair at evening and leave them on for night. At morning when I opened the braids there were nice curls just like I wanted them to be..:D Those curls stayed on very well too i have had them now almost two week's tho they are loosen a bit what they were at first. 

Other outfit from that week

Oh and we got tickets to Muse's concert!! :DDD so waiting waiting for july to come! :D

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