Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hellou hellou! Been few days in flu now..:P I bet that last weekends grilling outside at my friend's place wasn't very good idea coz my throat was already been sore that day..:P But now I don't have fever anymore so back to school tomorrow..:P

Half an our ago I was bottleing sima (mead) for the first of May..^^  and we still don't have anything certain what we would do with my friends then (at saturday or friday)..:P

but good news my dress came today..:D it was happy wake up when mom shouted from down stairs that backage came..:D

some outfit piiiics..

 bought these necklace and headband
from sale together only 3,70€

This was just quick post but at weekend some more stuff, hopefully something about my the first of may too..^^ so laterrrr! ^3^


  1. Eiih miten ihana mekko ;;____; id die for that.. Onks toi sun päättäjäisiin? Kaikilla muilla on jo mekko paitsi mulla ;<

  2. kiits ja joo on päättäreihi..^^ no on sul viäl onneks aikaa ettiskellä..^^ mun pitäs hommii sit viäl kengät yms muut asusteet..:P ^^