Monday, 6 September 2010

DJ were u at?!

I wanna go out and danceeee! It's long time since I last time were in the bar/club damn! 

Hehe I got something else too but I've been just listening dance music and had to let it out..8D so so so It was my birthday last wednesday and as normal I didn't have any party, tho it would have been nice but my bells r always ringing too late..:P and it's always hard to arrange anything coz there's always that how to get some place to other when living here in the forest..:P and then I can't arrange anything to our place coz it's way too small for partying..:P Atleast we r going movies with my girl Kati tomorrow..^^ 
 going to go watch this->
Just love parodies of the films I like (when they r good)! :D

and today we had this small b-day cake and coffee thing with my family..:) 
 As a birthday present from my parents I got speakers to my laptop! yey, Been wanting them since I got this pc coz now I can listen music with good sound and not that crappy internal speaker anymore..:D

Few outfit pics from thursday and friday..

All for now bye! ^3^


  1. i love your styleand your outfits! also your hair on the first picture is so cute<3<3

  2. aaaw thankies veeery much! <333