Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Iz mah b-day

Gosh that it feels weird to think that I'm 19.. nineteen! so it means year and I'm twenty..O___O I don't feel my self 19 at all.. I don't feel older at all compared to what I felt 3 years ago..:D well that's what it is I quess that u don't notice at all how the time goes and then boom u r 30..8DD haha well hopefully not that quickly..XD
But here's something else few new stuffs that I bought last week..
 berret and nerd glasses from seppälä
bracelet from Lindex
I just loved those little chairs in it.. I've all gone mad with those little charms in jewerlyes.. everytime I see something cute I just had to buy it..^^
 Then DVD's two my fave movies and then I've wanted to see the Perfume,
so bought it too it was only 4€
And my birthday present from my friend Kati..<3 
 Luckily Kati knows what I like and there they r again cute little charms..^^
That was all for now, don't have any outfit pics coz I've been just home now..:P 
but next time bye! ^^ 
oh almost forgot this funny pic of our cat..


  1. ihanat noi vaaleenpunaset lasit! :D

  2. noi vaalenpnaset lasit on rakkautta *__* awwwwieee<3

  3. sama oli ajatus kun ne seppäläs näin-> pakko oli ostaa..haha ^3^