Friday, 10 September 2010

Stick or twist the choice is ur's, 
hit or miss what's mine is ur's..

Hello hello! So last monday I were at the movies..^^ the movie were so good! I were laughing my ass off..8DD tho there were few that were like 'oh that wasn't so funny, went little over the board' jokes.. But deffinately it wasn't movie for those who hasn't seen the twilight saga films coz u won't get the jokes..:P ^^

my outfit from monday..
(sorry for the bad quality of these..>3<)

Tomorrow shopping with my sis after her school ends..^^

This was just quick post and next time new stuff's and my orders from yesstyle..^^

p.s. hopefully my Hurts cd and  bag is coming tomorrow!<3 ^~^
bye! <3


  1. hello girl! palkitsen sut beautiful blogger-palkinnolla ja saat halutessas tehdä tollasen memen, jonka säännöt löytyy mun blogista ---> :))

  2. märy: thankies! ^^

    fan-ni: Oi kiitos! <3