Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sometimes u just had to admit..
(lots of pics)

APOLOGIES!!! My dear readers it's been eleven days since I last posted that veery quicky post and I promised to show u some new stuff am I right!? and that we went shopping with my lil' sis'..^^

So here r the things I bought when we were shopping..^^

these two from fleamarket

big knit from ginatricot

shirt from kappahl

then the dress i bought two weeks ago, the dress everybody has..8D
and there's no wonder why coz it's so cute,
and it has this Liz Lisa feeling in it.
dress from kappahl
first I bought this in black coz the store were I bought it didn't have it in white
so when we went shopping I went and changed it to this white..^^

Then my orders..:D

My yesstyle order..<3

And then the one I waited like the rising moon..
My Hurts cd and bag <333
ordered these from germany coz I wanted to have that bag too, but there was one broblem..
the website didn't send items to finland..:/ but luckily my lovely uncle lives in germany and he ordered it for me! and then I didn't even need to pay it for him coz he said that I can have it as b-day present! <3

Here's outfit pics from last and this week..

last thursday..

had shorts underneath

last saturday I had my long waited party time, me and Kati went clubbing..
had so much fun and a wonderfull night! and here's my outfit..
didn't have time to take better picture so here's the only one..:P

then outfit from monday when my hygiene proficiency certificate
(long word) course started
(lasted two days)
looks like there some dirt in my pants
but it's in the mirror..:P

I were so nervous about the test in the end of course that I will not get trough it,
but when I got my test back my points were 40/40..:O I were like wow I knew those things..:DD
so yey got it done!

and tuesdays outfit
 yey for the same pose..>3< haha

all for now see ya bye! ^3^

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