Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Saturday shopping

Last saturday I was supposed to meet my friend at Tampere and to go shopping and talking and stuff but when we were supposed to meet I called her and she said that she's little sick so it wouldn't be good to go.. soooo as I already were there and I had time till 4pm to be there I was like how I'm gonno spent the time.. 
saturdays outfit..

so few hours I checked some stores and then I was getting bored as hell so I called to my other friend that I were there if she would like to go and take a cup of hotchocolates with me.. 

long shirt/tunic
playsuit (looks better on) 
and shirt

Luckily she were just getting off from work and so we met few minutes later.. It were so nice to see her for a long time and she's that kinda friend we always have so much to talk about when we see each other and we always have fun..:D

After our "coffee" brake she had to leave and I had still an hour till my mom's work day ended so went to few stores again even tho my feet were killing me ->walking with the new shoes..>3<

current nails looking quite crappy coz
I didn't clean the edges..:P

At the end It was good day even tho I didn't get to see my other friend..:P oh and as I got home my friend from here came to an short visit too..^^

Tomorrow I'll go to see HURTS second gig here in Finland.. quite nervous about it but anxiously waiting gonno be a good good night with Kati and the boys on the stage!..;DDD

Next time byes! ^3^


  1. Love your outfit for Saturday *especially your boots* just sooo cute! Also cute clothes ^____^ hope you and your friend had lots of fun!

  2. Anteeks anonyymikommentti, mut noi kynnet todellaki näyttää aika.. apua miten tän nyt sanois. Sotkuisilta. Muute hienot, varmaa oot vaivalla vetässy jne. (: Peeäs, sul on söpöt hiukset ♥ :)

  3. Emy: Thankies! <3

    Anonymous: Kiitos haha..^^ ja joo ei ollu kuivana viäl kunnol ku räpsäsin kuvan ni en sit viittiny ruveta niitä rapsuttelee..:DD

  4. tosi kivannäkösiä vaatteita ^^ !

  5. Cute outfit,love the boots and dress:)

  6. Ihania shoppailuja!! ♥ ♥ ^---^ Toi tunika on IHANA ♥

    Ja noi sun KENGÄT *----* ♥ ♥ Bongasin ne tosta ekasta kuvasta !

    Oot niin söpö ^---^

  7. TANJAU: Kitto! ^^

    Alanna: Thank u! love the boots too..^^

    Coco: Voi kiitos! <3 joo siinä ne vähäse näkyy taisin muute unohtaa mainita tos et siin ois ne uudet..:D

  8. oh very cute outfits, i am growing so fond of your style <3 and awesome shopping haul! I love the playsuit <3

  9. Saving Capulet: Thankies! <3 waiting the next night out with friends at the town so I can wear it..:DD