Thursday, 13 January 2011

picture HEAVY!


Hellou hellou back from the neighbourhoods..:D Had I great cruise even tho the time at the ship were quite boring coz there wasn't thst much things to do but I still liked being there too..:D but the best part was on monday morning when the ship arrived to Stockholm and then the shopping started..;D 

I spent the whole previous evening studying about how the metro thing is working in Sweden because there was this one japan shop that I wanted to go and it's like 3,5 km away from the harbour, so we managed to get ourselves (me and my sister) to the SL center were we could buy the tickets first we were little unsure that r we going to find the right line and all but it was quite easy now thinking it afterwards and so we get to the right place..8DD

After I got what I wanted we started to walk towards the center where the shops were and there all the way back to the harbour again.. 

On our we way we were just talking about how the streets were like soooooo icey that soon someone will fall and few steps further I went down..XDDD

On the center there were 3 H&M's all side by side and the biggest of them were like HUGE if u compare to what we have here in Tampere..8DD we were scared that we will get lost in there and never found our way out..XD

after walking through the center we got to the Old City part (Gamla Stan) were is the king's castle and all those so beautifull little streets and old buildings <3

There were this one particular street I wanted to go and get some pics of.. The street that we used me and my friend in our school's degree work, our vampire animation..;D so had to go there to walk the same street our vampire "walked"..:)

here it is:

Here's my boughts from the trip (not including da alcohol hehe):
(lots of red I see 8D)

Coz of the pic-zha heavy post.. I will show the outfit pics and some random stuff I have in my phone in the next entry.. +arrived orders from da Asia! ;DDD
Until next time byes! <3


  1. "paskasmällen" X''D hauska nimi karkilla (ok kai se on oikeesti påskasmällen mut whatever!)

    toi vampyyrikoru on just siisti!

  2. tosi kivoja ostoksia! tobleroneee~ *q*♥

    haha ootte kyllä sun siskon kaa ihan samannäkösiä! :D

  3. Tosi kivoi kuvii! ^^
    Noi rakennukset on nättei :)
    Sulla on muuten ihanat hiukset!!

  4. Anonymous: Haha joo naurettii samaa siäl kaupas..8DD munki mielest toi idea oli nii hauska..:D

    Chinsa: Kiitos! ^^ haha ja nii kait me ollaa kaikki sanoo aina samaa mut äitin ja iskän mielest me ollaa aika erinäkösiä kuulemma..:D

    Anni: Kiitos! ^3^

  5. Beautiful pic!
    i love your hair and make up!

  6. thankies! <3 ^^ been doing my make up like that lately so good to hear that it looks good! :)

  7. Ihanaa kaikkee oot hankkinu, tahtooooooooooooooo!<3
    Mun mielestä te taas näytätte aika erilaisilta, ei kuitenkaa sillee etten uskois jos sanot et se on sun sisko mut kummiskin en tajunnut eka 8D

  8. hihi..^^ niinku meidänki mielestä kyl me näytetää sillee jotenki samalta mut kuitenki sit taas ollaan niiku oman näköset..:D ja yleensä kaikki ketä ei yhtää tunne meitä ni luulee veeraa aina vanhemmaks vaik se on mua melkei 3 vuotta nuorempi..XDDD