Sunday, 23 January 2011

Order's and last pics from Stockholm..

This is coming later than I planned to post these but some how the time went fast again and even my newest order which I did after the last post came..:D so here it comes now..

on the bus on our way to Helsinki..
 sunday's outfit..

monday's outfit..

previous nail's I had (first try with the fimo sticks)
I should make some new ones but haven't decided yet what to do..:P

 Then my order's this is the newest one  flower troupe's Phantom 2006 pamphlet
with Haruno Sumire <3 +the extra gifts two flyers/posters 
and picture of  Phantom (Haruno Sumire)
 (flyer/posters from The Scarlet Pimpernel 2010 and Mei's Butler 2011)

Phantom and Cristine

Then the older ones flower troupe's Elisabeth 2002 pamphlet with Haruno Sumire again 
ofcourse my fave topstar ever! +the extra gifts two flyers/posters 
and picture of  Der Tod (Shizuki Asato)
 (so glad that the flyer/posters r from plays with Mizu Natsuki as otokoyaku one of the fave's too 
and the plays r Rock on! 2010 and The Dawn at Solferino 2010)

Tod and Elisabeth
 Tod and Elisabeth

And the clothes I ordered: skirt, foxtail and dress which is quite short so some shorts needed..:D
I ordered shoes too but don't have picture of them yet so gonna take that later..^^

But all for now Byes! <3


  1. Oh my god! Oot tosi kaunis! ♥---♥

  2. apua voi kiitos! <3 >3< ihana saada aina tämmösiä kommentteja piristään päivää! ^^

  3. ooh, I just love your outfits, I truly do! so so much cuteness! and my heart skipped a beat when I aw the white foxtail sooo soo pretty!!

  4. aews! thankies thankies! <3 and I love the white tail too when I saw that kinda white foxtail on popteen first time I was like I wanna have the white one..:D and then I found it! ^^

  5. All of your outfits look amazing on you! Hope you had lots of fun! Also those nails look so yummy and cute! *0*

    Love your new buys especially the foxtail, it's so fluffy!

  6. Thank you! <33 and yeah it was a fun trip! ^^