Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pic post

So coz now there haven't been anything happening than going to work, after work home, sleep, work, home and so on at last week I'm just posting some pic's. :)

juiceeeh? 8DD

Tho on friday night we went out with friends to the local bar to hangout.We left already at 8pm and first went to one of my friends place and then we were around 9:30pm at the bar, it were soooooo silent that night and we were just getting bored so we left home at 12:30 XD so it ended up quite soon..:P but atleast got a chance to meet my friends..:)

my outfit from friday..

We planned to go this weekend again but to the town, as we girls atleast wanted to go last time too but the guys were too tired to go there..:P

I got my new lenses this week, gonno post pics of them later coz now I've been sick since tuesday so haven't even tryed them on..:P

Next time byes! <3


  1. Sun hiukset on tajuttoman ihanat<3
    Ja tuo viimeinen kuva on kaunis!

  2. Kiitos kiitos! <3 toi oli tommone wou vitsi mikä auringon lasku ja sit oli pakko juosta äkkii ottaa kuvia, se aurinko oli sillee hauskasti pilviverhon takana ja sit tiputteli lumihiutaleita ne ei kyl näy tos kuvas harmi vaan..:((

  3. I love love love your hair color!

  4. Glad you got to meet up with your friends <3

    I must say your hair is perfect! I love your bangs so much you pull off the Popteen gal image so nicely!

  5. Keiko: Thankies! ^^ tho it looks little more greyish in those pics I've taken with my phone so more like the pics at the end..^^

    Emy: Thank u! <3 and nice to hear coz the "popteen style" is the one for my taste..^3^