Sunday, 4 March 2012

Settling down to the UK way of life!

Arrived looking like this..

As said here I am writing in my room of three storey house at the second floor! :)
My second day in here and oh I'm liking it! My 'new' family's so lovely and the area looks homey! 

Yesterday's sunset..

Yesterday it were so pretty weather outside sun shining and +16 celcius!  bit different to compared to Finland at the moment. Today it's been raining reeeally heavily sadly tho otherwise I would have gone out to walk around the village! :)

This is what my room looks like:

I have my own bathroom too which is nice:

And when I got to my roomon friday found these waiting for me:

So lovely!

Might go out to visit in London next weekend but for now we'll see what the week brings as it is the first week being an au pair for real coz now I've been just hanging around! :)

So until next time byes! xxx


  1. aaa oon jelly *_* nojoo pidä hauskaa siellä kuitenki! ^-^

  2. Lovely room! And so nice presents! have a nice time in UK!

    1. Nelli: Haha! Kiitos, pidetään! :D

      Jousia: Yeah it is I love the skylight windows! Thankies I will! ^^

  3. I can't get enough of your hair! :D Nice room!