Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Oh wow this easters been preeeeetty nice! ;D Or the easter weekend..:D

Friday I worked only two and half hours in the evening so we had a long walk and chat in the park with Milad in the afternoon. :) 

Milad were working later in the local pub so I went there for few hours to keep her company had fun with joking around with her and her work 'partner' Kevin..:) 

(Kayako in my bathroom hehehe)

Saturday as we planned before we went out tho our plans got a little change coz we were supposed to go to this other club but because Kathi forgot our plan and had already other plans we went once again to Winkers.. Which I'm really happy we did but not more about that one! ;D 

Before we left we had a little movie night at Milad's with few drinks for starter! 

What is my hair doing? But anyway my that night's make up..:)

After we were ready to leave we went to the village to call for the Winkers bus which is free ride to there, we were the only ones going so it were pretty weird that the bus came only for us!

It were quite quiet at the club at that time but it got more groudy after a while and we had a great night again! Free drinks and free ride there and back so can't complain about anything! :D We'll see what happens next weekend! :D

Sunday morning I got suprised by the boys right after I got out from the shower they popped in to my room and were wishing me happy easter and they told me easter bunny had left me an chocolate egg too in the start of the stairs! :D Got this huge Milky Way egg with three little Milky Way chocolate bars with a note from the kids! :D

We had easter lunch with everyone right after and had so nice noon! Everybody were in so good mood! :) Later I met Milad again and we watched the end of the movie and then went out for a walk..:)

(bare the fact that I'm without make up )

Today I had free day and I'm pretty much just spend it in my room on computer listening music and just been.. A bit tired after our night out and I'm feeling the flu that I got last weekend coming back again (probably making me tired too)..:/ Tomorrow back to 'work' only few hours tho coz the kids are having their easter holiday for this week too! :)


  1. aww u're pretty ;___;


  2. you are looking lovely! I cannot remember the last time I went out with friends T.T btw I love your hair color, I think it suits you perfectly!

    1. Oh that's a shame! Now just go and plan one! ;) Thank you my host mom said to me too that it suits really well with my eye color! :D

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Easter day cutie pie :)

    1. Thank you, it were a really nice one! :* Hope you had a nice one too! ^^

  4. hey another blogger with red hair :) looks cool ^.^