Friday, 6 April 2012

1 month done, 11 to go..

Hey there readers! The whole month has gone already faster than a rocket! :D And I were worried when I came that the first week is going to last forever! But yeah all is good I've found new friends and got used to all the hassle and going in the house and village!

But came to write about my weekend again coz that is when all the things worth writing for happens! :)
On friday as usual we head out to the night life. This time with Milad and Kathi. 

We went to the neighbour village which has the second club in this village area called Winkers. First tho we went to have first drinks to the local bub and me and Milad walked with our host dad's which were pretty awkward as you might quess! XD But after we were ready to go we called a taxi to Winkers.

We arrived there before eleven to get free inside but oh my world the night seemed so crappy as soon as we got in, there were three people before us and on the whole night probably 10 together..XD But we stayed there the whole night and we had pretty much the whole dancefloor and club for ourselfs and oh we had fun! So the night turned out to be pretty good! :D

And we got a lift home by the owner of the club (atleast I think he were the owner) and the bar tender gave us free shots! :D

On saturday I spent my day cleaning a bit my room and later I had babysitting night again. 
So night spend with these:

On sunday me and Milad head out to London to find shoes for me for the coming weekend. as we are going out again! :) But as obvious it is we were shopping the whole time, 6 hours..8) We were so dead after we got back and to the train.

Changed my outfit a bit in the middle of shopping.. 
What's with my face in these pictures all of them! :P All I have sadly..XD

And talking about the train we had to go with train isntead of tube coz there were some closures in the middle of the way.. so when we were coming back we were a bit late and so we had only 16 minutes to get from Tottenham court road station to Marylebone and when we got the to train we had only 40 seconds before it left! XD And who ever knows how long the escalators are in London tube you know that my thighs were burning after running them up! XD 

But off I go now and see ya laters!


  1. I am glad to hear you are doing well! : D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that it's going well now too! :)