Sunday, 22 April 2012

Record Store Day

Hello hello! Yesterday being a record store day I head out to London to hunt the fantastic four better known as The Heartbreaks and their release of exclusive white vinyl as they had a rolling around London with their own double decker bus! Would have wanted to get on to it (as that were an option and possibility) but as our plans were a bit messy mess so we ended up only to wait them to arrive to their last stop at Berwick street. 

Excited went in to the record store as we got there with Milad and asked for the vinyl and they didn't had it at all! :O So disappointed of the chance getting it slipping away from my hands we just decided to wait the boys to arrive.. So we were sitting on the street drinking magners in the sunshine.. 

They finally arrived as I thought very late but later noticed they had changed the timetables again for the day, so in time at 3.45.. 

They started playing their acoustic set there in the street as we who were there to listen tryed to avoid cars driving past while we enjoyed the set of three songs! :D <3

They were giving out little goody bags with their single, post card and three pins! :D Had a little chat with Deaks and were so overwhelmed that he remembered me from last november my name and where I'm from! Got a kiss on the cheek and were all lalalalalaaaa the rest of the day! ;D

Didn't get picture with Ryan tho.. 
and excuse my nicely done censors for my derping..:D

Then one nice suprise, when we first walked there what I saw were Louise Brealey in all her lovelyness and her you might better know as BBC Sherlock's Molly! :) 

After we left from the record store we went to just walk around Soho and ended up to Westminster to sit opposite the London eye..

And what we did before we went to the record store we had a little shopping time as I wanted to go and try on this dress that I saw two weeks ago luckily they still had it on H&M :) But something else left with me too from primark while Milad had to return her bikini's there..:) But picture of them later! :)

On the way home..

Next time byes! :D

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