Sunday, 12 August 2012

Past weeks part 1

After I returned from my holiday at home we celebrated Milad's b-day in London. We stayed the night in hostel and went out to this really nice looking club in Camden called Koko. The building is old theater and it still looks like it with the really high sealing and all the 'layers' of seats and private balconies. They had theme night with DJ, dancers and performers! I don't have any pictures from that night sadly.

On the next weekend which were the last weekend before she left back home we went to Uxbridge to do some shopping. Here's what I bought!

These shoes I were hunting for ages and non of the shops had my size 
and then I found them my size and even in sale! :D

Some tops..

 Au naturel..

Our last night out with Milad..

Don't ask, no idea..

 Next time byes!

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