Monday, 6 August 2012

Enough with the silence, get on with the pics!

Been too long once again but now got my self to open a new post page 
and putting up some picture's from while back when I had my home visit.. About my midsummer 
I already wrote you and promised other things too but here comes!

First some pics of our girls! Our little fur ball Salli had grown to a quite bigger fur ball! 
Not so puppy anymore but still as cute and funny looking! :D

And our pretty Mimosa!

Missed them so much (not to forget the meowing ones)! 
And now I can't wait to go visit again for my birthday for 5 days! <3 p="p">

And then some outfits..
The evening I left.

Had a quick leave for little shopping round with my mum and my aunt, 
so quickly got an outfit from what I had and I quite like how it came out! :D

 Sadly all I had from the day out with Kati, is my outfit photo..
but we went to Ikea, shopping and to the movies to watch 
Snow white and the huntsman.

I remembered I had more photos than that but that's all! 
Next time more photo's from the past weeks! :)