Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sis. visiting

My sister came for a few days visit at the end of july. She arrived on wednesday and we spent the first two nights here at my host family's. 

On friday we head out to London a bit scared of what the London and starting olympics would bring to us, but for our suprise it wasn't that bad! :D Tho when we arrived and walked past Hyde park it were quite busy!

After we got to the hostel and our stuff in we went out to visit natural history museum quickly before it's closing and to do some shopping and walking around. We got just back in time to see the opening ceremony for the Olympics (well we missed the Danny Boyle's directed opening thing which I would have LOVED to see).

On saturday our day started with British museum and for the rest of the evening we head to Camden to roll around Stable market and the main street. We planned to go to a pub on that evening but as we were quite tired of all the walking we just went back to the hostel with some food and watched the olympics at the lounge..:)

On sunday plan was to go and see Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben. (Tower and the Tower bridge we saw already on saturday) - the normal tourist stuff as it were the first time for my sister in UK. Plus some more shopping..:)

My sister left back on early monday morning. We woke up at 3.30am to get her to the bus stop at Baker street to go to the airport. After she got in I were running around the Baker street area to find my bus stop to go back to the hostel which I gladly finally found after few minutes only. Got back to bed after five to sleep few more hours before the check out in the morning.

Had a great great weekend with my sister and were so happy to get her here to hang around and show/go to places! :) My sister haven't still send the pics from her camera so there will be more photo's later! :)

Next time byes!