Monday, 27 August 2012

Patriotic for both!

Sunday 12th  we went to see the closing ceremony of the olympics to the neighbour village with Maria as there were build up a huge screen with barbeque and bar areas. Plan was to walk there as we didn't have any lift and the distance isn't that bad, 30-40 mins walk! :D

The trip there were good as it were still light outside but then in the middle of our way I noticed I forgot to take a flash light for coming back as it would be dark! 

So we got to the hill where it were held just when the ceremony started at 9pm. The whole thing had been started already at 1pm but we wanted just to see the ceremony.

That's mah flag! :D

This were quite cool! 



That day I felt quite patriotic for home and very british at the same time if that's even possible!
But it were so great the whole thing all the atmosphere and all! :D

So the walk back were pretty interesting in the middle of the night without any lights (no I'm not writing a poem here). Only light we had came from the cars passing by once in while and from Maria's phone which we played music to keep any night animals away from us. Tho I'm pretty sure we kept everything away from us with our pretty singing along the songs! ;D

We got back to mine and as we were quite hungry after all the walking we decided to have some pizza and so I got to bed not until 3 in the morning as the evening kind of streched to be longer than planned! But we had fun so who cares! :)

I'm going to visit home on wednesday for few days so there will be a little break coz my pc ain't coming with me! But see you laters! 



  1. That looked so fun!! How I didn't see Muse? ;__;
    I have now arrived to Aberdeen and I got to say that I love this place!! Now we're on the same island (but on the other sides of it ^^''' ) ! :D

    - Ningyo1293

    1. Yeah it was great atmosphere! :D Oh how cool how far away it is from London? :)