Friday, 23 April 2010

'Ello readers! :D was supposed to post this entry already last sunday but my computer like died suddenly and all the pics i was going to use were there so.. I couldn't do the entry even with our other computer.. :PP But now my babyh is back in da business 8DD

Vappu is coming soon yeyy!! (the first of May)  We've been planning to go party party with few friends, well it's still maybe but quite sure..:DD

and hmm hmm what else.. oh the dress/onepiece thing I told in last entry here's pic of it:

(that hem that shows underneath doesn't belong to that dress)

Then I have few other outfit pics, at H&M there was those pieces from Sonia Rykiel's collection on sale and I found this black jacket only for 19€ normally it woulld have cost 60€..:D and then I bought this Im not sure top or skirt could be used as both littlebit sailor stylish empire cutted:

those shorts I have on I just tryed, but definately going to buy them later <3

I ordered dress for the graduation ceremony from yesstyle, now im just littlebit worried that I get it on time coz the planes aren't flying normally coz of that volcano in Iceland buffing it's ashes all over europe..>3< but hoping hoping..*3* then I should found somekinda nice high heels with it and some jewelryes..

Here's the dress
I'ts quite simple but I wanted that kinda so I can use it more often and I seldomly go to any occasions..:P

I quess that was all for now see ya! ^3^


  1. The dress is so pretty! And I really like your boots with the fringe too :D