Saturday, 17 April 2010

I scream, U scream, we all scream for Ice cream!
Heyh! Starting with few things from easter (yeah two weeks late -___-')..  So every easter we have tradition to paint these easter egg's from Fazer, it's real egg shell fulled with nougat chocolate inside..8DDD <3

And I painted my own mignon like this (different sides of the egg):

recognice the characters?

Well I don't like at all how the Alice came out..>3<  and the paint was little too wet so the outlines r quite messy..:PP Hatter succeeded better maybe coz I made it last..:P ^^

At the second day of easter I head out to Helsinki to see LM.c.. The gig was soooooo good! Everybody were just laughing all the time (Maya being funny) and the atmosphere were so good! ^^  And thanx to Fanni and Maija to take me along with them coz otherwise I would have been there all alone..:P :D

Tour t-shirt

had my hair like that at the gig

Tuesday when I left back home I skipped school coz I didn't want to wake up that early that i would have make it back in time to go school..:P :D so I were at tampere around 2pm and then went to check few shops while waiting my bus to leave and found this pretty pretty one piece long top which I show a pic later..^^

my tuesday's look
when i was eating my breakfast there came this squirrel
it was funny to watch it doing itäs thing haha.


  1. äää mä oon vieläkin shokissa kuinka hyvä oot maalaamaan/piirtämään T____T munanpintaan on kaikenlisäks varmaan vaikein tehä..