Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chocolate full Easter!!
Easter is here! and what is the best about that is holiday & chocolate.. 8DD I have longer holiday coz it actually started already last wednesday..:D Those two days of school were the last days of my av-communication lessons now I only have two months long im not sure whats the real word for that, but general school subjects like english, math etc. and then I'm done with that school..:D  

Our great ryegrass..XDDD

So coz the wednesday was free I went to library.. I have so many books now that I wanna read so I got little bit exited at lending those books sooo... here's what i lend:

And still I didn't got all the book's that I wanted but maybe it's just good that there wasn't all of those available, coz I'm quite sure that I ain't going to read those all in a month, tho I can always lend them again..:) Oh and I ordered this one book of Anne Rice coz I haven't found it anywhere else so it should be coming next week..:D

After the library I walked to shopping center to see my friend Noona. First we checked the clothing stores and I bought some little things..

Scarf only 1e

Cake necklace and here is the ring too that I bought from flea market

Then we went to eat icecream's and soon after that we she had to go and I was still waiting my dad to come pick me up, while I was walking around the mall i founded 5e on the ground lucky me hahaha..:D

My outfit from that day

And my outfit from monday

One of my fave bands is coming in Finland at may, but I don't have anyone to come with me so I'm desperately trying to figure out who could I ask to go..:P The tickets r only 10e so it isn't a bad price at all and  the band ain't any main stream band so it could be that this is the only chance to see them.. :// hopefully i get someone to go..:P Then more about gigs next monday going to see LM.c again with my friends..:)

I noticed that my blogs header wasn't showing in right place if using firefox, and it wasn't quite right at explorer eather but now it should be fixed..^^

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