Sunday, 29 August 2010

Time waits for no one

It was a wonderfull life for those 45 minutes listening that emotion fulled music and watching those guys who know how to make music and performed it so so 110% feeling it and being one with it just no words for that magnificent live from Hurts last friday..<3 

I were so sweeped away with that music, standing there in the first row and the guys Theo and Adam being there so near that u could have touched them (there wasn't that safety fence at all)! sadly it lasted so little but hoping for the guys to come back again soon..:) 

Now I've been just listening those songs over and over again..:D It was so nice to be on that kinda gig were everybody were behaving like adults and not pushing and squeezing in the crowd..And the most important respecting the artists..

I quess that was all about the gig but  here's some outfits from last week and from today (actually yesterday coz it's already past the midnight hehe)
oh and at gig I looked like this..:D


Now I've been drawing a portrait of Theo the singer of Hurts.. started already at last thursday but finishing it now.. The hair needs to be 'colored' and then it's done..^^ tho there's something in the face that doesn't look like him but can't figure out what..:P

next time byes! ^~^

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