Thursday, 25 November 2010

 Gigs Gigs

So so so last week's thursday I went to see Imogen Heap's gig to Helsinki tavastia club with my friend Nitta and her friend Aino.. ^^ 


The gig were just pure awesomenes! I love the artists who r down to earth type and do their music because it's their true passion and life not because u get money of it! Such as Imogen and her support Ben Christophers, the music is so pure, and their voices no digital correction just their own pure and beautiful  voice.. that is what I enjoy most to listen.. it's like u can get in to the music and u can live the emotions and feelings (same thing? XD) with the artists...<333


Not more about the gig the greatness in a small package..^3^ but then I have few outfit pics from last week and this week..^^


Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki again to see another brittish talent Marina (marina and the diamonds) one of my fave britt's (I can tell the list is long 8DD) with my godparent's son..^^ Yey yey been waiting this! ^^

the pullover is Imogen Heap's. bought it from the gig..^^

Then what else what else weekend's going to be just partying..8DDD friday it's my friends birthday so going to go celebrate that and then on saturday we r having a my ex class party/pre xmas party/my classmates house warming party..^3^ 
Gonna be so much fun to see all my classmates since spring when my school ended..^^

ps. got Ben's CD with autograph it were only 5€ :OOO <3

But that's all for now later! byes <3


  1. lucky you! i love Imogen Heap :D and that first outfit is so cute!

  2. waaaah sun hiukset on ihan yli-ihanasti noissa viimeisissä kuvissa *O* ♥

  3. 。★゚♡*CrystallyzeD*♡゚★。: AAAh really! 8DD nice to hear! coz I have only like two friends I know listens Imogen Heap..:D and thank u! ^3^

    Jousia: Thankiessss <333

    Zhizhi: Kitto! ^3^ <3 itekki tykkäsin et ne onnistu kivasti..^^ mun hiukset onnistuu aina sillo ku vähiten yritän niitten kans..>3< mut sitku pitäs johki laittaa ni plöärgh..:PP

  4. ihania asuja! ♥ tykkään etenkin tosta ekasta~
    ja ihanat hiukset tossa tokassa asukuvassa + viimesissä!!

  5. ooh that last photo of you kind of look like minzy from 2ne1! so cute!! and imogen, i love her! ever since I saw the movie, the holiday. Her voice is amazing!

  6. chinsa: Kiitos! <3

    Saving Capulet: oh really? :D haha thankies <3 I'm not sure have I seen that movie..:P but Imogen's voice is sooo amazing! <3

  7. Toka kuva ylhäältä..niin mistä oot ostanu sen paidan? :D

  8. öö tokassa kuvassa ylhäältä on imogen heap niin mitähän paitaa mahdat tarkottaa? :DDD

  9. Niin siis se outfits ja sit se toka kuva missä sul on se rusetti pääs :D

  10. aa jooo noni..:D se on ginasta..^^ mut en tiä saako niitä sieltä enää kun oli alesta kun ostin..:)