Wednesday, 10 November 2010

?winTER ALReady?

So so so we had quite a like winter storm last night hurrr!! >3< morning when I left to work there were like atleast 12cm snow outside and we were jumping like somekinda bambies with my sister to avoid the snow going in to shoes--> didn't succeed..:P


Then few new things..:D founded a proper winter jacket..:D  and smaller curler cos the old one I had well it's old and now it is it's time to go to greener.. oh okey..:P hmm of the jacket I don't have any pic  but u'll gonna see it later..^^ then my order from yesstyle and ebay..:D 

order gift.. glad that I got the pink one 
coz there were light blue one too..:D

my ebay order lower lashes 2 different kinda..

Tho I'm still waiting my nail deco package from ebay still
hopefully it comes tomorrow..^^
Then my outfit from yesterday when I went to cafe with Kati to do some travelling plans..;DD hopefully we manage to do our two week trip next spring..:D can't wait can't wait gonna be so much fun! <333

here u can see the short's I first saw at Silja's blog and I just had to buy those to my self too! and from yesstyle they were.. so now Silja, if u read this u don't have to be afraid of me steeling them from u haha..^3^

And yaiks Tsukicon next saturday O____O nervous nervous, tho anxious about it..8DD

Oh and in two days the number of u my dear readers went from 49 to 55! <3 so went over the 50 already and as it was the full year from when I started at the 6th, so what do u think would u like to have some kinda celebration post!? (^~^)/  ideas r welcome so comments comments that would be then! <3 :D

later hun's! <3  
(brobably after tsukicon)


  1. oh I just love the jacket! and you look great in that coordinate! I've always wanted Fall to happen here in Manila, but never Winter xD I don't think I'd survive the chill

  2. u mean the cardigan? ^^ and thank u! <3 haha yeah it's always a little shock after summer when it gets cold..>3< but fall i love too! <33 my favourite season..^^

  3. Ihania vaatteita! Voisitko kertoo ton mekko-liivisysteemin merkin? En saanut selvää... ^O^

  4. aa kiitos! ^^ ja joo tokyofashionilta on..^^