Sunday, 21 November 2010

TRE Gyaru meet up vol. 2

Yesterday we had our second Tampere gal meetup.. We were at Vapriikki museum coz there were this anime manga japan thingy so we could be inside and not freeze outside..:DD

Thanx for Anna I didn't have to pay any of the ticket cos she had these free tickets to Vapriikki..^3^

Waiting other's to come and eating mandarins..

This time there were even less us than in last meetup but one new Viivi! ^^ and tho Helena were at there too but she were cosplaying so she didn't come with us..:P ^^
Group shots (which Helena took)..
Eve, me, Anna,  Ada, Noona and Viivi

The meeting started at 2pm and when everybody who came with us has camed, started the parapara lesson which finnparanoids kept, so we head out to there..^^

It was so fun to dance with a teacher coz I've only danced and learned with my self so it were more clear that way..:D

harasshing the samurai..XDD

After the parapara lesson we went to take pictures and see the bear show and gosh there were this HUGE stuffed bear, it were like bigger than a pony! O_____O XD I just hope I wont see that size of a bear face to face in our forest..XD

Then we found this bears nest thingy (for the kids that was hehe) and me and Ada crawled inside it..XD there was TV which showed finnish kids animation about bears..XD but afterwards we named it as a gyaru's nest..XD

inside the nest..

The clock were starting to get close to 4pm so we went to sit and talk in the cafeteria where soon
me Viivi and Ada left to home..^^

My outfit for saturday and make up..

On our way to the bus stops.. 
just loved the clock so had to take a pic of it..:D

Had fun day even tho again more gal's would have been nice..^^
but next time byes! ^3^


  1. oh wow! you look like a doll! and your hat is suuper cute on you :>

  2. aaaaew so lovely comment! <3 thank u! tryed little different kinda make up good to hear it works! ^^

  3. Waaa ~ Näytti niin kivalta.. harmi kun olin taas töissä =___="

    Oot niin kaunis ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. aa näytät niin söpöltä *__*

    Oli kyllä kiva nähdä taas <3 Toivottavasti tavataan taas pian ^wwww^

    Samurai XD <3

  5. kiitos! <3 ja nii oli.. se on se cpvt miitti sit seuraavaks kun ei noista tre miiteistä saa mitää aikaseks..:DDD ja samurai on luv luv! XDDD