Thursday, 4 November 2010

 And the hand of the watchman
In the night sky

Sorry for the lack of post's been working the whole week since today..:P

At the coming weekend on saturday we have Halloween gal meet up!! <3 been waiting this like since forever (well forever and ever..;P)! But now I have collected my outfit together and can't wait to wear it..^^

here's pic with the circle lenses on..
Oh and talking about Halloween I know the " 'ficial " day were already last weekend, but it seems to me that for most of the people here in finland it's the coming saturday 6th of november which is the day of all Hallows' here in finland this year (it's always a saturday so it depends the year that which day it hit's between 31.10.-6.11.) yeah yeah get to the point haha . 
So HAPPY HALLOWEEN little late..^3^

A didn't have any kinda halloween party last weekend, tho we were at the club with my friend and at the club we realised that: "hey why didn't we wear anything for halloween!?" when the club was all decoed and there were quite many who were dressed..^^  But at the meeting then! 8DD

my outfit from last saturday

Aaaaand got my hair color back to what it was a week ago yey! 8DD
this is what it was after I dyed it but now it's back to strawberry blond..^^

this color I think wasn't that bad but I just wanted it to be light..^^

I quess that was all for now and after saturday about the meetu! ^^
  byes! ^~^


  1. ihana asu *q*♥

    ja hiusvärikin näyttää tosi kivalta~ :D

  2. kiitos! ^3^ hiukset ny vaa ei oo enää tommoset värjäsin takas vaaleeks mikä oli aikasemmi..:P ^^ mut joskus vois kokeilla kyl laittaa ton väriset..:DD

  3. your outfit is great! you look really good <3

  4. The lenses look so cute on you!
    I really like your coordinate, you look so stylish!
    Love your blog, follow you!

  5. oh i love the lenses on you, its goes so well with your new hair <3 and that outfit you put together is stunning!

  6. Rui: aew thankies <3 ^^

    Suzu: Yey new readers! <3 and thank u thank u for ur sweet comment! ^3^ always good to have some feedback..^^

    Saving Capulet: Thankies! <3 I thought it was quite succeeded..^^ good to know that I wasn't the only one who thought that haha..:D