Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More about LDN

Hellou! Here you go the rest of my London day in pictures..


Found this from the fitting room my first #believeinsherlock 'tag'! 8D 
Totally made my day!

Going back 'home'!

My bags!

 Finally found matching necklace to my ring with the exact stone!

Had to buy another Sherlock DVD of the first season 
coz well the damn finnish one doesn't have any of the extras..:P

 Bag that I wanted already last year 
but good that I didn't buy it back then got it now so much cheaper!

The 'copy' bag haha

Why does it seem that when ever I'm in need for umbrella I buy a new one everytime!? XD 
(failing to take one with me might be the reason)

And new black trousers

And the loveliest of them all the kitty shirt!

Plus just a normal hoodie (didn't take any with me eather)

So that's what I got and then something else! It comes really handy that the foodstore is near but not too close so when you wanna go there you need to walk a bit = exercise especially when coming back UP TO THE HILL! But then if you need something it takes only 15 minutes! So yeah I were in a need of ice-cream on monday evening and went to get me my first Ben & Jerry's (yes a first one coz they are so expensive I've never bought them before) read- the only ice-cream of right size that they had and the cheapest! XD

My closet.. Looks a bit empty to me coz I know what's missing from there..:P

 My crippled little room neighbour it has only four legs poor little thing! 
But seems to be going well that way too third day I've seen it!

Until next time byes! 


  1. i remember those primark bags XD they always busted on my way to the train so i missed it XD

    for me London is the most awesome city in this world! :D

  2. The umbrella is so cute! I enjoy a good sherlock holmes too! : D

  3. Yuki: Haha yeah a total catastrophe when it's raining! Learned that last november ->gonno be carrying plastic bag when ever I'm going to primark now days! :D For me that is Manchester! ;D But London's one of the top ones!

    Nana: Yeah fell in love it myself too! :D