Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bumming around London!

Hellou! Second week almost gone! The week were pretty much the same as the first one and startes to feel a bit like in the movie 'Groundhog Day' atleast with friday and yesterday! :D Not that it's bad tho! 



On friday had so much fun again with the 'soul sisters' in another local pub this time there were all four of us! Totally turned my not so well gone day to an awesome after all! Thankies goes to the girls! <3

Saturday started as the previous one getting ready and dolled for trip to London! This time not so much shopping but going to the places I were supposed to see already a week ago! 8) And here's what I went to see:

 The 'Baker Street' of BBC! And a fan or not do go to Speedy's and take the Sherlock wrap 

'I O U a fall!' 


Here's some other pics I took while walking around..

And for the rest of the day I founded myself again from Oxford street coz there were some things that I had  'left' there for the next time thank yous for my head forgetting my card at home! :D Tho there were some positive sides about that too got the knit I wanted under half price now! 8) So that means new stuff on next post!

Here's my outfit!

I'm gonno make a post about this house too how it looks like and few photo's of the village next week someday hopefully! :D

Today I've been cleaning my room and might go for a walk later on! Been home alone the whole day pretty much. It's the UK mothers day so my host family went out and still are somewhere.. I enjoy these home alone days coz it's so freeing! And luckily they weren't here to see me stylishly flipping over on the stairs (socks + carpet stairs= NOT A GOOD THING). Hurt my bum and my right hand! Took awhile to get my self back up again I were there just lying on the floor like 'OUCH!' xD

But now next time byes! 


  1. I so envy you for living so near to London! Q__Q

    I always enjoy to read about your life there :D

  2. Oh that is so nice to hear! :D Good that I can continue writing about the things I've been writing now! :)