Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Week gone!

Hello there readers! First week spent and just started the next one! Things starting to grow on me and starting to feel a bit more relaxed! :) Which is good ofcourse and it's always the first week that is the hardest! Survived of that so now we'll just see what weeks will bring as they roll on!

Tho as I get more relaxed and used to things the more my brain digest thoughts of what's home that I don't have here.. Pets is the first thing that comes to my mind coz obviously you can be in touch with family and friends through skype and what  ever but I can't give kiss or cuddle to my cats or dogs or horses through internet! :/ 

And as I'm living in countryside here too, well those I see almost everyday and the need of animals/pets just grows bigger..:P Where so tempted to go and give a pat or two to those horses on the field that the bublic walk path goes through.. Tho didn't dare to do it coz of the owners might have not liked it..:P 

But yeah that leads to my weekend. On friday night after I finished I went out to the local bub (one of them) to meet with two local au pairs. Had so much fun laughing and sharing our au pair thoughts. Good to have some friendly company  if you get what I mean with that! :)

Saturday on the other hand went in London as planned tho my plans what to do got a little change. Had few places in my mind which to visit but as shopping took all the time, needed to forget those. But there is the next weekend so new go for them when saturday comes! :) 

After I got back home I had promised to go baby sit to my host family's friends kids while they came here for dinner..:) That pretty much were me eating candy and watching Sherlock in HD! 8)

 Yes I put texts on to know what they say  -> volume low not to wake up the kids! :D

So yeah sunday I spent cleaning my room a bit and then having a hour walk in the sunshine through the fields and roads craving for animals haha! ;P  

I'm going to post photo's of my purchases and more about London on next post coz of all the photo's already in this one! :)

But now need to get myself to bed (soooo sleepy) next time ya'll!


  1. Your two outfits are nice ^ ^ I love the jacket for the first one and the shoes for the second!

  2. Nice to hear! The boots are one of my faves gives a little edge to everything which I like! :D