Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Police bells and church sirens

'Ello! three work days behind and starting to feel like I  learned something but still there's lot to learn about I have three weeks non work but after that there's three weeks mailing ALONE! No my lovely quid Milla to help me and be my support..;__; Well I hope I don't mess the whole post office..XD 

at work..:P

wienercoffee the best! 8D love that there is this machine 
were u can get cocoa and different kinda coffees free..:D

I don't have much to post now coz I haven't done anything but been at work so few outfits and something about this week..^^

Outfit from last weekend going to my friend's place..
 U think I should clean up?? Nahhh..XD  sorry the mess..;__;



Thursday I'm going to go see Nephew <3 to Tampere with Noona, I'm so glad she wanted to come with me coz otherwise I would have had to go alone, always nicer together..:D I'm anxiously waiting it coz I wasn't able to go to their last gig in Finland which were in Helsinki..So now I finally got a chance to see them! <3 After the gig I'm going to Noona's place to spend the night..^^ gonna be good night! :D

Today came my orders yey!  <3 and and and 40 readers love u!

But now time to go make some food! bye! ^^


  1. Ahahhah.:D Kiva nähä et jonku muunki kämppä on sekasin. XD Mun on ku pommin jäljiltä. Täytyypä siivoilla ennenku tuut meille. ;)

  2. Kiva nähä et jonkun muunki kämppä on sekasin.:`D Ootpas sulonen ilman pidennyksiä! Sopii noinki tosi hyvin.:)

  3. kiitos kiitos! ^3^<3 ja joo pitäs ehkä siivota se aina tuppaa menee sekasi vaatekriisien aikoihi..XDDD ja se oli yhes kohtaa siistimpi mut sit vähä levis takas..XDDD